Kimmel lampoons 'crazy eyes' Giuliani's major fail on Fox: 'Next he'll implicate Trump in Lincoln assassination'
ABC host Jimmy Kimmel -- screenshot

Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel got in his shots at Rudy Giuliani's first major attempt at defending President Donald Trump on Fox News, mocking his appearances with Sean Hannity and "Fox & Friends," and saying at the rate Trump's legal advisor is going he'll drag the president into the Lincoln assassination.

The ABC host delivered a play-by-play of Giuliani's greatest revelations that opened up a can of worms for Trump and may have placed him in greater legal jeopardy, while showing off a super-clip of the former New York mayor making "crazy eyes" whenever he asserted something that seemed to surprise even himself as he blurted it.

Sharing a clip of Giuliani stumbling through a softball interview with "Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt, and muttering "maybe, maybe" when unable to answer, Kimmel quipped, "Maybe hiring me to be Trump's lawyer was a bad idea?"

"By the end of the week, Rudy Giuliani will implicate Trump in the Lincoln assassination," he continued.

Watch the video below via ABC: