WATCH: Racist NYC lawyer bro tries to hide in his umbrella as he flees reporters outside his home
NYC attorney Aaron Schlossberg hides in his umbrella from reporters outside his home. Image via screengrab.

After going viral for yelling at Spanish-speaking employees in a Midtown Manhattan cafe, lawyer Aaron Schlossberg ran away from reporters outside of his home who wanted to ask him about the incident.

The New York Post reported Thursday that the lawyer who was outed as a Trump supporter and recorded during another racist tirade years prior hid behind his umbrella as a few journalists flanked him. He also appeared to be recording the reporters around him as well.

"Do you feel bad about what you said, were you just having a bad day?" one reporter asked. "Or are you always this way?"

"Please send help,” Schlossberg was heard saying to someone on his cell phone. “They’re claiming things that aren’t true…grabbing me, not letting me walk.”

"Why are hiding?" the reporter asked as the lawyer walked away, face in his umbrella.

Watch video of the incident below, via the Post.