CNN panel exposes Trump's use of 'conservative victimhood' to perpetuate his own double standards
President Donald Trump (AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

President Donald Trump's continued calls for TBS' Samantha Bee to be fired over her retracted statement calling the First Daughter a "feckless c*nt" is, according to CNN media correspondent Brian Stetler, part of a larger strategy of right-wingers playing the victim.

"He's tapping into a very potent strain of grievance politics, something we hear almost everyday on the president's favorite Fox News talk shows," Stetler explained. "He's tapping into the idea of 'conservative victimhood' — that conservatives are treated in a worse way than liberals. In this case, Roseanne Barr [being] treated worse than Sam Bee."

"But let's be honest here: these two cases are very different," he continued. "One was a case of a racist remark; Sam Bee's case is about a hateful remark, something that crossed the line. They are very different cases, although they're being lumped together because they're happening in the same week."

Stetler also noted a similarity between the companies in charge of Bee and Barr's shows: "the two corporations involved are ignoring the president."

"I'm really struck by this," the correspondent said, noting that Disney CEO Bob Iger didn't respond to Trump's initial claim of a double standard when Barr's show was cancelled earlier this week and that TBS has also remained silent despite two advertisers pulling their support for Bee's Full Frontal

Watch below, via CNN: