Criminal defense attorney tells MSNBC he is ‘certain’ Paul Manafort will get locked up in jail this week
Paul Manafort appearing on "Meet The Press" (screengrab)

Criminal defense attorney and MSNBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos predicted former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will be incarcerated pending trial by the end of the week. Cevallos made his forecast during a Friday appearance with Katy Tur.

On Friday, Judge Amy Berman Jackson will preside over Manafort's arraignment on a third superseding indictment. Special counsel Robert Mueller claims he caught Manafort red handed attempting to tamper with witnesses, who then reported him. Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirshner described Manafort's alleged actions as "witness tampering for dummies."

Tur wondered about the joint-defense agreements defendants are using to coordinate strategy without puncturing the cloak of attorney-client privilege. Tur asked if such a situation would make it less likely Manafort would cooperate with the special counsel.

"Paul Manafort's an interesting situation, his ship may already be sinking as we move towards Friday, which I am certain the day will end with him being incarcerated pending his trial," Cevallos predicted.

"You're certain of this?" Tur followed-up.

"I'm pretty certain," he answered.

"Money on it?" Tur asked.

"Save the tape and we'll come back to it," Cevallos said, demurring to bet the anchor money on live TV.