GOP strategist Steve Schmidt pummels 'delusional Trump media' for 'sycophantic panting' over Kim Jong-un lovefest
Steve Schmidt appears on MSNBC (screen grab)

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt took to Twitter on Tuesday to register his disgust with what he called the "sycophantic panting and exultation" by fans of President Donald Trump over his meeting with North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un that the conservative said resulted in nothing but "empty promises."

Two days after Schmidt -- who was Arizona Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign manager in 2008 -- lambasted the GOP leadership that went AWOL while Trump destroyed years of diplomacy at the G7 conference, he turned his ire on the 'Trump media" for their praise of Trump for meeting with the murderous dictator.

Schmidt initially attacked the stagecraft of the Singapore summit, writing, "The Placement of the US flag next to the flag of North Korea, a murderous slave state, is an absolute desecration of our national colors."

He then turned on the conservative media for their "nonsensical' cheerleading for the president who reportedly walked away with only an agreement to keep talking.

"Claims of achievements from this summit are nonsensical. Trump got nothing except empty promises. Kim Jong Un achieved global standing for his evil regime and got military exercises cancelled. The sycophantic panting and exultations across the GOP and Trump media are delusional," he wrote.

Schmidt was particularly incensed by Trump's announcement that he was cancelling what he bizarrely termed "war games," being conducted by the joint U.S. and South Korea military forces.

"Cancellation of military exercises means American Forces will be less prepared to fight and that means higher casualties," he explained.

You can read the tweets below: