GOP strategist Steve Schmidt unleashes hell on 'complicit' Republican leaders remaining silent while Trump destroys relationships with allies
Steve Schmidt (MSNBC)

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt unleashed a furious series of tweets on Sunday morning, attacking the GOP leadership for hiding from the press and not condemning President Donald Trump's vicious attacks on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while blowing up progress made at the G7 summit.

With Trump advocates doubling down on the president's vicious tweets aimed at the Canadian leader, Schmidt noticed no push back from the putative leadership of the Republican Party -- calling them "despicable" and "complicit."

Responding to a tweet from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, which read, "God help us. Their silence is damning enough. But the Senate Majority Leader calling this the best time ever for conservatives is vile. History will be brutal in its telling of their cowardice," Schmidt piled on.

"Despicable doesn’t begin to describe it.McConnell has been one of the presiding officers over the destruction of the conservative project and the collapse of decency and nobility in our politics. Now he is a handmaiden to the destruction of our alliances. Ignominy is his destiny," he wrote.

Then he was off -- you can read his tweets below: