Roseanne Barr has overnight 'MAGA MAGA MAGA' Twitter meltdown after reading IG report she believes helps Trump
Roseanne Barr (Shutterstock).

Comedian Roseanne Barr praised President Donald Trump after reading the Department of Justice Inspector General report on handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

President Donald Trump claimed the report "totally exonerates" him of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, even though the report had nothing to do with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Barr echoed Trump's enthusiasm for the IG report.

"Things are progressing nicely politically -- all the real dirt has been exposed by the IG report -- next step will be balls out great!" Barr tweeted early Saturday morning.

This prediction was based on her belief in QAnon, a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming top Democrats are running a satanic child sex cult.

Barr retweeted two accounts claiming the Inspector General report support their conspiracy theory.

[caption id="attachment_1296897" align="aligncenter" width="640"] QAnon conspiracy theory retweeted by Roseanne Barr[/caption]

This was not the only conspiracy theory Barr pushed during her late night tweet storm, she also said the "left" are the victims of CIA mind control.

And she may have started a new conspiracy theory, that people who criticized her disturbing history of racism are just like Nazis.

Barr seemed to believe that all criticism should have ended when she apologized.

In May, ABC cancelled the reboot of Roseanne after a racist insult by the comedian.

Barr’s ex-husband Tom Arnold told Anderson Cooper he believes Roseanne's downfall began when she started following President Trump.

Barr ended by praising Trump, repeating his trademark "make America great again" slogan 11 times.