Avenatti taunts Giuliani for flaming out in CNN interview: ‘You’re the best lawyer we have working for us’
Michael Avenatti appears on MSNBC (screen grab)

The attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels took to Twitter on Friday morning to ridicule President Donald Trump's legal advisor, Rudy Giuliani, over his appearance on CNN Thursday night, where the former New York mayor attempted to dismiss the latest bombshells plaguing the president.

Following a day when the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization was subpoenaed to give testimony in the investigation of Trump fixer Michael Cohen, it was reported that Cohen was willing to say that the president knew about his son meeting with Russians at Trump Tower prior to the meeting.

With Giuliani struggling to defend President Trump on CNN, attorney Michael Avenatti took a jab at him.

"@RudyGiuliani I saw your interview last night with @ChrisCuomo. Thank you! You are the best lawyer we have working for us on our team (and for free). Keep up the great work. Please don’t stop making public statements," he wrote.

You can see the tweet below: