CNN legal analyst explains why Cohen's recording is 'similar to a mob tape' — and a disaster for Trump
Legal analyst Paul Callan talks with CNN's Poppy Harlow (Screen cap).

Although Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani insists that the leaked audio recording of President Donald Trump discussing paying off a Playboy model completely exonerates him, CNN legal analyst Paul Callan on Wednesday offered a very different take.

While discussing the recording on CNN, Callan mocked the idea that the Cohen tape was a positive development for the president.

"I think it's a very embarrassing and humiliating tape for the president," he said. "And Giuliani is saying, 'I can understand what is said on this tape because I listen to mob tapes.' What, the president is similar to a mob tape?"

Callan then went on to explain how Giuliani's analysis is actually correct -- that is, the Cohen recording sounds similar to recordings of mafia conspiracies.

"In a sense, it is [a mob tape] because it's describing a payoff," he said. "Trump knows that a company is being set up to funnel funds, whether they're in cash or whether they're by check -- for what purpose? To catch and kill a story at the National Enquirer. Context: It sounds like this isn't the first time this has happened. You don't hear an elaborate explanation as to why I have to set up a company to do this, so I think it's very damaging for the president."

Watch the video below.