Ex-intel officer nails Trump’s allegiance to Russia: ‘He has adopted their worldview’
Malcolm Nance (Photo: Screen capture)

During a panel discussion on MSNBC, terrorism and intelligence expert Malcolm Nance blasted Donald Trump for his complete disbelief in American intelligence agencies — and the way it's influenced his relationship with Russia.

As Nance sees it, Trump "absolutely, flat-out does not believe anything that US intelligence says to him" because it often "violates the meta-narrative that's in his head about how the world works."

That meta-narrative, the ex-intelligence officer added, "is not intrinsic to Donald Trump," but was "put there by the Russians."

"As far back as 2013, he has adopted their worldview," Nance said. "And that's precisely what the Russians have always wanted."

Trump "defaults to their position" because he was groomed to do so, the former cryptologist added.

"That narrative of Russia, good, their money, good, they want to be partners with him, they will enrich him in some way and everybody else is out to get him," Nance explained. "It's going to be very difficult going forward with anything until this president either disabuses himself of this opinion or until some action forces us to have a new administration."

"Let's be honest," host Stephanie Ruhle said. "He's never actually going to do that."

Watch below via MSNBC: