Rick Wilson takes Trump defender Steve Cortes to the woodshed in off-the-rails CNN blow-up
Steve Cortes, Anderson Cooper and Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

For the second time on Friday night, CNN host Anderson Cooper hosted a knock-down drag-out fight between a defender of Donald Trump and a detractor of the president, as former Trump adviser Steve Cortes and GOP consultant Rick Wilson traded insults and heaped abuse upon each other.

As host Cooper -- once again -- sat back and let the fireworks fly, the two touched on Trump's birtherism about former President Barack Obama, with Cortes dismissing it as old news.

As Cortes attempted to defend Trump's lies, saying he was "...not prepared to say he [Trump] lied, " about paying off a Playboy Playmate, Wilson pounced.

"Not to put too fine a point on it, Anderson, Steve, look, brother, you are living in an entirely separate linguistic universe if you believe that Donald Trump does not lie out his ass every single day," Wilson ranted. "He is infamous. These are not just lies of omission. These are lies of assertion. This is a guy who lies about everything constantly."

"Here's the real lie," Cortes shot back. "The real lie is that Russia somehow won this election for Donald Trump, that Russia somehow convinced voters in Wisconsin and Ohio and Michigan that they were duped somehow into voting for Donald Trump. That is the actual grand lie that is being told in Washington, D.C. And in mainstream media all day, every day. It's a damnable lie."

Watch the video below via CNN: