Watch as Trump supporter gets schooled on CNN after insisting the Mueller investigation is 'done'
David Urban on CNN- screenshot

During a CNN panel discussion on President Donald Trump's repeated attacks on Robert Mueller, a pro-Trump lobbyist got schooled when insisting the special counsel's investigation is on its last legs.

David Urban, who helped orchestrate the 2016 Republican National Convention, claimed that when he worked on the Trump campaign he never saw either Carter Page or George Papadopoulos, two former campaigners for the president who have been investigated by the special counsel in relation to their contacts with the Russian government.

Urban claimed that because he never saw Papadopoulos or Page, it proves that they were tangential to the Trump campaign and therefore their alleged contacts with Russians on the campaign's behalf were not orchestrated by the president himself.

"February of 2017, Donald Trump said he knew nothing about Russia," Obama-era State Department spokesperson Jen Pskai said. "There was nothing going on there. Now five Americans have been charged with criminal charges. You have multiple Russians charged. A Dutch official charged. There's more and more coming out."

"This investigation is ongoing," she continued. "I know it's a favorite talking point of people who support Trump that nothing has been found, but it hasn't been concluded."

"It's facts!" Urban interjected, interrupting Pskai, who went on to say that "Mueller has not concluded the investigation."

Host Jake Tapper later played a clip of the president's lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani insisting that Mueller's investigation is "done." Giuliani's reasoning is that because Mueller is looking at the president's tweets, they're reaching for straws — but as the host noted, the White House holds that Trump's tweets are official statements.

"This is always a battle the White House has domestically and internationally about what President Trump's tweets mean and what they don't mean," Psaki said. "Giuliani is somebody who's like a bombastic surrogate. He clearly has no idea what's happening, is not really speaking for the White House, isn't really speaking for the investigation.

"Whether Trump's tweets should be part of the obstruction case, I guess that's for Mueller to decide," she concluded. "But they're ultimately presidential statements and they have to treat them that way."

Watch below, via CNN: