Conservative columnist: Trump is 'emotionally incapable' of understanding the moral role of the presidency
Donald Trump speaks at a meeting (Screenshot)

In a Tuesday Washington Post editorial, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin explained why Donald Trump appears "emotionally incapable" of handling the death of his former critic John McCain.

Rubin wrote that McCain specifically asking for Trump not to attend his funeral is "what comes from electing someone emotionally and intellectually incapable of seeing beyond his own emotional needs or understanding the moral authority a normal president enjoys by fulfilling the role of head of state."

The president's "lack of decency, civility and respect for others’ accomplishments prompt him to attack Americans (especially minorities) who disagree with him," she continued. "In turn, Trump’s conduct provokes honorable people to shun the president."

Trump's Twitter "temper tantrum" about Google that took place before dawn proves "how temperamentally unfit he is," Rubin noted.

"A man such as Trump" — one obsessed with his "ratings," prepared to "bludgeon" critics and "eager" to sow division — "cannot 'rise to the occasion,'" the columnist wrote.

"He cannot function in a role that requires largeness of spirit, graciousness and good manners," Rubin concluded.

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