While President Donald Trump might tweet about his "red wave," the Republican Party is expecting the worst.

According to a leaked spreadsheet obtained by Axios, "Congressional Republicans are getting ready for hell." If the numbers continue their trend, that might not be as hyperbolic as it sounds.

A spreadsheet predicting a Democratic takeover of the House has been passed around GOP circles both on and off The Hill. While they might have been putting on a brave face, the requests Democrats have already made some panic.

The list includes requests for Trump’s tax returns, the Trump Organization taxes and whether he and the family are complying with the emoluments clause including Chinese trademark grants. Democrats are also seeking information on Trump's financial dealings with Russia and details on his preparation with President Vladimir Putin.

However, the financial documents of the Trump family and the Russia scandal just scratches the surface. Democrats are seeking any documents about Stormy Daniels, James Comey's firing and the firing of former U.S. attorneys.

It goes on to demand documents from Trump's cabinet and staff that have exhibited unethical behavior.

Finally, the Democrats want documents about the hurricane response in Puerto Rico and details about the Trump travel ban.

Committee staff seeks to obtain sworn testimony from several administration officials involved in these issues.

Axios predicted that the demands from Democrats will likely turn the White House into a 24/7 legal defense operation.

Lawyers close to the White House confess the administration is "nowhere near prepared" for what might befall them in the election.