Pizzagate conspiracy theorist wants his fans to pay him $1000 a month so he can 'retire from public life'
Mike Cernovich stands on the White House lawn. Image via Twitter.

Onetime alt-right provocateur and "Pizzagate" conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich wants to retire from public life — and wants you to pay him $1,000 a month so he can do so.

As noted by Media Matters' Cristina López G., Cernovich is imploring followers of his "Gorilla Mindset" self-help movement to subscribe to his network for a cool $997 a month.

"This is a high level of commitment for you and me," Cernovich said on his Gorilla Mindset website. "It will cost $9,997 a year if paid at once, and the Network is for people in a position to make highly leveraged moves in life."

"The Network is $997 a month for those who choose to pay every month," he added.

Cernovich noted that he is "looking to retire from public life to return to mindset work" — a comment that runs counter to his headline-generating decision to join Arizona GOP candidate Kelli Ward on the campaign trail.

"There are also privacy concerns," the theorist who has also bought into the "Qanon" conspiracy wrote. "Pricing the Network at a platinum level is for everyone’s protection."