RNC head warns GOP lawmakers to steer clear of help from the Koch brothers after they criticize Trump
David and Charles Koch in a combination image. REUTERS/Handout

The head of the Republican National Committee advised GOP lawmakers to keep their distance from longtime billionaire contributors, Charles and David Koch after the two criticized the party's unwavering support of President Donald Trump over the weekend.

According to Politico, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel sent out a memo on Thursday, criticizing the wealthy industrialists, saying they were putting their profits before the good of the country.

“Some groups who claim to support conservatives forgo their commitment when they decide their business interests are more important than those of the country or Party,” she wrote before adding, "This is unacceptable.”

McDaniel also claimed that the RNC has long been suspicious of the brother's political influence, including a database they maintain that has been used previously by Republican candidates to drive up donations in order to get elected.

“From the beginning, the RNC had concerns about any outside entity building a data operation to compete with ours because we knew they could potentially weaponize that data against Republicans if their business interests conflicted with electing Republicans,” McDaniel writes. “Sadly, our concerns were recently proven true.”

On Saturday, the Kochs met with fellow conservative heavyweight donors in Colorado where they expressed distaste with Trump's tariffs and hinted they may back Democrats in the upcoming 2018 midterms.