CNN's Gloria Borger explains why Paul Manafort will give Mueller everything he wants

CNN's Gloria Borger revealed Friday why she wasn't surprised that convicted felon and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort cut a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Borger waved off statements from Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who insisted Manafort's plea deal "had absolutely nothing to do with the president."

"When you look at this agreement and it specifically says 'your client shall testify fully, completely and truthfully' about anything we want, they own him, okay, they own him," said Borger. "He can't plead the Fifth. He has to tell the truth. He is going to go in and talk without lawyers."

Borger went on to say, "it would be malpractice not to ask about everything that he knows about the Trump campaign during the time he was there," recalling that Trump's pre-inauguration period "is the collusion part of this equation."

Borger then explained why she had fully expected Manafort to make a deal all along, and why she thinks he'll keep his side of the bargain. He flipped, she said, "to save his life basically, to try to get out of jail free. And he's got to tell the truth in this or else it is completely useless to him."

Manafort is 69, and was convicted in August 2018 on eight charges of bank and tax fraud to fund a lavish lifestyle. He faced the rest of his life behind bars. There had been speculation he had been angling for a presidential pardon, but ultimately took Mueller's deal.

Watch the video below.