GOP strategist Rick Wilson urges anonymous NY Times op-ed writer to 'go public before they catch you'
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

In an editorial of his own, Republican strategist Rick Wilson urged the anonymous New York Times op-ed writer to come clean so they can, in turn, "bring down the entire system."

"Dear Deep State Throat," Wilson wrote, echoing a nickname he made up the night before making fun of the president's fear of the so-called Deep State. "You need to run. Run fast. Run now."

While some are "golf-clapping" for the anonymous senior Trump administration official and lauding them as a hero, the strategist wrote, others (including Donald Trump himself) "consider you a traitor of the first order."

Wilson said he'd give the official "half-marks" for writing "the truth we’ve seen reported since the start" — that Trump is "is mentally, intellectually, and morally unfit to serve."

Nevertheless, the official is "trying to 'But Gorsuch!' yourself out of the ethical sewer," the strategist wrote. "That’s so Swamp."

"If you argue that you’re doing a great job, I should note that Frederick Fleet, the Titanic’s lookout, did ring the doomed ship’s warning bell and shouted to the bridge, 'Iceberg, right ahead!'" Wilson noted. "After all, only part of the ship hit the iceberg, right?"

Wilson congratulated the op-ed writer for "displaying some vague survival instinct" before imploring they do more.

"Half measures and anonymous op-eds aren’t enough," he wrote, "not by a long shot."

The writer and their like-minded administration colleagues' "system" of subversion "is marginal and unstable on its best day," Wilson wrote. "At best, you’re describing your role in an opportunistic soft coup. At worst, you’re putting trivial ideological wins before the security of the nation."

"You know the easy days are behind you," he continued. "You know Mueller is coming. You know that November is coming, and in January the Democrats will have subpoena and oversight power in the House."

The writer must know, Wilson mused, that there's an "astronomical" chance that they'll be caught.

"As much as there's an underground of people in this White House trying to save us from Trump's excesses," he added, "there's a broader culture of snitches, informants, ass-kissers, and bad actors who will rat you out in a hot minute."

Nevertheless, the writer should "welcome" their outing.

"You’re going to have to go public," Wilson wrote. "You’re going to have to burn it down to save yourself. You’re thinking, 'I’ll never work in this town again,' and you’re probably right."

They shouldn't take the path of Omarosa Manigault-Newman, he added, but of "a true whistleblower and patriot."

"Your only value now is in pulling down the entire system," Wilson concluded. "Run before they catch you. Tell it all. Save yourself. Save the country."