Republican Rick Wilson predicts 'there will be blood' after anonymous NYT op-ed: You haven't seen a 'witch hunt' yet
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

MSNBC panelists on Wednesday night took turns predicting what Donald Trump will do next in reaction to the anonymous New York Times op-ed written by a senior official in his administration — and one Republican strategist joked that the "witch hunt" has barely just begun.

"I can think of nothing more finely-engineered to drive him absolutely bonkers than this thing," host Chris Hayes joked. "It plays to his worst fears and paranoia."

The president's "performance" heretofore — lashing out first during a speech, then in a White House statement and again in in a single, all-caps tweet — has been "more unhinged than normal," Hayes said. 

"That's just his initial reaction," The Atlantic's McKay Coppins noted. "In the coming hours and days we are going to see a more erratic president, more erratic tweeting lashing out."

"I got a text before I came on-air from a former Trump advisor who's kind of a Trump loyalist who was throwing around the word coup," Coppins added.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson mused that the "paranoid" president "will not trust anybody in the White House now, at all."

"Trump is going to indulge in all of this wild, paranoid cookiness," Wilson said. "You talk about a witch hunt? He's about to execute one there with everything but ladies up on a pile of lumber."

"It's gonna get nuts in the White House," the GOP strategist said. "It's gonna be glorious yet terrifying."

Watch below via MSNBC: