'I'm embarrassed for this country': Internet disgusted by Rachel Mitchell’s cross-examination of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford
Maricopa County prosecutor Rachel Mitchell (Photo: Screen capture)

Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell went down in flames trying to cross-examine Dr. Christine Blasey Ford making Republicans look even worse when contrasted with sympathetic Democratic senators.

The internet responded to the line of questioning and the differences between the two sides with their own attacks of Mitchell calling her everything from a bad prosecutor to heartless.

One attorney and blogger noted it was an "atrocious examination," watching Mitchell argue that Dr. Ford isn't credible because she flies even though she doesn't like to.

Businesswoman and podcaster Aminatou Sow noted that she too is similarly fearful of flying, but noted she's approaching a high level in her frequent flyer program.

She agreed it was making the GOP look even worse.

ProPublica reporter Pamela Colloff noted that the questioning surrounding Dr. Ford's mental health was "ugly" and "shameful."

Freelance reporter and editor Kaz Weida agreed, calling the attempt to undermine Dr. Ford's mental health "insulting."

Members of Congress similarly commented, noting Mitchell came off as unsympathetic.

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