State Dept spokeswoman hammered for posting ‘tourist’ pic of herself from Saudi Arabia: 'You're not on holiday'
Heather Nauert (Instagram)

A Fox News anchor-turned-State Department spokeswoman was showered in jeers after posting a photo of herself on Instagram during a visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss the disappearance of a U.S. journalist.

Heather Nauert traveled with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on a diplomatic mission following the apparent Oct. 2 abduction and murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Saudis have denied involvement in Khashoggi's disappearance from their consulate in Istanbul, but Turkish sources say a top forensics expert from the Arabian state tortured and dismembered the journalist with a bone saw.

Pompeo has drawn widespread criticism for smiling and laughing with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been blamed for masterminding the murder plot -- and the secretary's spokeswoman was also bashed for her cheery demeanor outside the Royal Court in Riyadh.

Nauert is reportedly in the running to replace outgoing United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, who announced her resignation last week.

"You're on an official trip to find out the truth about a journalist being killed...not on a holiday," posted Instagram user arjun_sethi1.

"You know why you’re there right? God this is embarrassing," posted andrewheineman.

"Were they playing you the 7 minute audio of the hacking of an American resident/wapo journalist while you posed for this disgusting pic?" posted lascarlett55.

"you're suppose to be there to investigate the disappearance of a US citizen and your sight seeing? #massivefail, said maddkat57.

"I’m just glad she got her smiling ‘live, laugh, love’ shot while the family of the man who was chopped up by our great ally is being barred from leaving the country!," posted Instagram user vajohna.

"This photo, like Pompeo yucking it up, is utterly inappropriate," posted bdotr. "It's amateur hour, and it's not only hurting our nation, but the world."

"Taking in all the tourist sites I see!" jlprigz said. "Maybe you can ask to see their dismemberment saw collection."