CNN’s Bakari Sellers torches Rudy Giuliani’s latest bone-headed legal defense: ‘The crime is conspiracy’
Bakari Sellers (Photo: Screen capture)

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani this week claimed that it wouldn't be a big deal if President Donald Trump's campaign were in direct contact with WikiLeaks to discuss the distribution of emails stolen from Hillary Clinton's campaign -- but CNN's Bakari Sellers on Friday quickly shot down that theory.

During an appearance on CNN, host John Berman asked Sellers if he believed that Giuliani was trying to not-so-subtly shift the public debate to get out in front of damaging upcoming revelations about the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.

Sellers began by calling Giuliani a horrible attorney and saying that he will likely never be hired by anyone to defend them ever again.

"His foot is all the way down his throat every time he opens his mouth," Sellers cracked.

On a more serious note, Sellers explained why it could very well have been a crime to coordinate with WikiLeaks in disseminating emails hacked by the Russian government in an effort to derail Hillary Clinton's campaign.

"Collusion's not a crime, I think most people know that," he said. "But what is a crime is conspiracy... you're starting to see these elements of a conspiracy between Donald Trump's campaign and some foreign actors to engage of a subversion of our democracy, to engage in an violation of our federal election laws, and on and on and on."

Watch the video below.