Fox News host: Kamala Harris 'doesn’t have much charisma'
Greg Gutfeld (Photo: Screen capture)

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld isn't impressed by Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

While it's unclear what town hall he watched Monday night, Waters was quick to strike out against the California Senator who has quickly become a frontrunner.

"It’s like 2016 all over again," said "The Five" host. "This is going to be hilarious. They are right about Schultz. That’s the most frightening aspect. Because politics has to be binary, have tab Republicans and Democrats. You put in the third variable, he throws everything off, and it allows one side to squeak through. We saw that with Ross Perot."

He went on to say it doesn't much matter when all of the Democratic candidates are the same.

"Kamala, OK, that’s the first time I’ve really heard her speak," Gutfeld continued. "She -- uh -- doesn’t have much charisma, I don’t think so. She is like an automaker who can only build half a car. She has that Progressive promises that everybody applauds if you are naive. But where’s the other half of the car? How do you get it going?"

The group then turned to attack Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has only launched an exploratory committee and not an official campaign. They used the typical racist attack that insults Native Americans.

As for Harris, other Republican strategists, not tied to Fox News, have said that the GOP should be fearful of Harris's candidacy. The network has already gone into full attack mode, saying that after 15 years in public service, Harris doesn't have enough experience.

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