Rudy Giuliani is beginning to walk back his awkward statements on CNN Wednesday evening.

According to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, Giuliani released a statement that she posted on Twitter.

To clarify my comments during the Cuomo interview last evening because they have been misinterpreted I issue the following statement:

I represent only President Trump, not the Trump campaign. There was no collusion by President Trump in any way, shape or form. Likewise, I have no knowledge of any collusion by any of the thousands of people who worked on the campaign.

He then turned to attack former Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

In the interview with Cuomo, Giuliani made a series of bizarre claims, including that he never said that there was "no collusion." Oddly enough, this phrase appears in his explainer statement above.

Conservative commentator Max Boot said Wednesday night that the Giuliani admission was a huge pivot from previous statements. He feared that the president's lawyer is steps away from saying collusion makes America great.