'We all know he's lying': MSNBC's Morning Joe shreds Pence for pushing border lies 'to please the boss'
Vice President Mike Pence and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped Vice President Mike Pence for helping President Donald Trump push bogus claims to justify his proposed border wall.

The "Morning Joe" host has consistently criticized Pence, whom he says should know better, for promoting dubious statistical claims about border security, and he reacted again with outrage to the vice president's interview on NBC's "Today" show.

"We now move from suspected terrorists to 'special-interest immigrants,'" Scarborough said. "Mike Pence once again floating that number 4,000 around when the overwhelming majority comes in through airports."

Scarborough said the vice president was aware he was lying, and he said Pence knew that everyone else was aware he was lying.

"This what I find so vexing," he said. "Mike Pence knows that he's lying. Mike Pence knows that we know that he is lying, and yet Mike Pence and the administration continues lying."

NBC News reported that only six people whose names showed up on a terror watch list were apprehended at the border, far below the administration's suggestion that thousands of potentially dangerous immigrants had tried to enter.

"Six, count 'em, six people tried to cross the southern border illegally who were in a terror database," Scarborough said. "Forty-one tried to cross the northern border. It's incredible that he just keeps lying when we all know he's lying and he knows that we know that he's lying."

"And for what?" he added. "To please the boss because he made a promise he would build that wall, because he led a chant."