Republican congressman tries to grill Cohen on the witness stand — and it blows up in his face
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH, left) and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen (right). Image via screengrab.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) used his time at Michael Cohen's hearing in an attempt to grill the former Trump attorney over his work for the president — and it ended up backfiring.

The testiness began when Jordan, who earlier this year was accused of covering up sexual abuse when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University, pressed the newly-disbarred attorney about the infamous "Women for Cohen" Twitter account.

"When you created the fake Twitter account 'Women for Cohen' and paid a firm to post tweets like this one, 'In a world of lies, deception and fraud, we appreciate this honest guy @michaelcohen. #Tgif. #Handsome,' was that done to protect the president?" the Ohio Republican asked.

Laughing, Cohen responded that he actually was not the person who set it up, but that it was done by "a young lady that worked for" the Redfinch advertising company. He added that they created the account because they were "having fun."

"Was it fake Twitter account?" Jordan asked.

"No," Cohen responded, "it was a real account."

Jordan later accused the ex-attorney of testifying because he didn't get to work in the Trump White House.

"Here's what I see," the congressman said. "I see a guy who worked for ten years and trashing the guy he worked for for ten years. Didn't get a job in the White House."

Cohen, Jordan said, is "behaving just like everyone else who got fired or didn't get the job they wanted — like Andy McCabe, like  James Comey, same kind of selfish motivation after you don't get the thing you want."

Trump's former "fixer" hit back, saying that "all I wanted is what I got."

"To be personal attorney to the president," Cohen said. "To enjoy the senior year of my son in high school and waiting for my daughter who is graduating from college to come back to New York. I got exactly what I want."

Watch below: