CNN's Symone Sanders blows up on Trump defender for accusing media of labeling Trump an 'enemy of the people'
CNN panelists David Urban and Symone Sanders/Screenshot

On Thursday, political commentator Symone Sanders called out President Donald Trump for his continuous use of "inflammatory" language that incites violence.

A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant was arrested on drugs and weapons charges and was caught with an arsenal of guns accompanied by a hit list aimed at prominent members of the press and Democratic politicians.

Sanders argued that Trump's language has a set precedent for this type of violence and she ripped Trump's former campaign strategist David Urban for blaming "both sides."

"The president has to change his rhetoric," Sanders said. "His words matter. The rhetoric coming from his Twitter feed, the White House, the podium, and his rallies they matter."

Sanders added, "His rhetoric is not only hot, but it is also inflammatory. His words can incite violence."

Urban disagreed and said that all sides should take responsibility for the hateful rhetoric being spread.

"I would say the same thing. Both sides need to put their guns down," Urban said.

"The media needs to stop referring to the president as the enemy of the people and everything the president does is not the end of the world. Every action that he takes is not inciting violence," he said.

"I would like to note that the media has never referred to the president as the enemy of the people," Sanders said.

Watch below via CNN: