‘Do you have proof?’ Fox’s Neil Cavuto shouts at ex-Trump campaign official for defending president’s lies about McCain
Composite image of Neil Cavuto and Matt Braynard on Fox News (screengrabs)

Fox News personality Neil Cavuto was shocked that former Donald Trump data and strategy director Matt Braynard was fine with the president lying about the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Trump lashed out at the deceased senator on Saturday evening, Sunday morning, Tuesday morning and again on Wednesday.

Cavuto looked at one particular aspect of Trump's criticism, that the White House was unaware that McCain was not supporting the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Our country would have saved a trillion dollars, and we would have had great health care. He told us hours before that he was going to repeal and replace and then, for some reason — I think I understand the reason — he ended up going thumbs up,” Trump claimed on Tuesday.

"Did you ever hear that John McCain going into that night -- was going to vote for it? No one I talked to -- I followed that closely -- said that was the case," Cavuto noted. "The president said that John McCain already told him that he was going to vote for it. No one I talked to who was involved in that said that was the case."

"Who cares?" Braynard asked. "what does that have to do with criticizing his position?"

"The president might then have lied about it. Does that bother you? Cavuto asked. "The president might have lied about what a dead man did."

"He said John McCain was going to vote for that measure and hours later voted against it. Do you have proof that was the case?" Cavuto asked.

"Do you have proof that he didn't say it?" Braynard replied.

"I don't think you get a pass on criticism of your public record because you're no longer with us," he added.