NRA suspends longtime top lawyer as money scandal widens and Wayne LaPierre hangs on
Wayne LaPierre NRA speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

According to a report at The Daily Beast, longtime top NRA lawyer Steve Hart has been suspended by the board of directors as the guns rights organization undergoes more turmoil during their annual convention.

The news of Hart's suspension follows NRA president Oliver North announcing he is stepping aside and not running for re-election after losing an internal battle with executive director Wayne LaPierre over accusation of misspent money.

The Beast reports, "Hart represented the board for years, and his suspension came before North announced that he is stepping away from his leadership role at the organization after only six months on the job."

"The lawyer’s ouster represents the departure of another senior, long-time NRA insider with detailed knowledge of the organization’s troubles. And it comes as internal turmoil and sniping rocks the gun-rights group," the report continues.

Additionally, the NRA board has accused North of double-dipping when it comes to salary, while LaPierre has been accused by North of misappropriating funds for his personal use -- which La Pierre has denied.

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