Trump's Federal Reserve pick under fire for past praise of child labor: 'I want people starting to work at 11'
Supply side economist Stephen Moore (Screen cap).

Stephen Moore, the television pundit who was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve on Federal Reserve Board, is coming under new scrutiny for some of his past controversial statements that include praising child labor.

As the New York Times reports, Moore in 2016 seriously proposed abolishing laws against child labor as a way to increase America's labor participation rate.

"I’m a radical on this," he said. "I’d get rid of a lot of these child labor laws. I want people starting to work at 11, 12."

Moore has also argued in past columns for the conservative National Review that women who make more money than men "could be disruptive to family stability" since men have traditionally been breadwinners in American households.

"You know, the male needs to be the breadwinner of the family," Moore similarly argued in an appearance on C-SPAN years earlier. "One of the reasons you’ve seen the decline of the family, not just in the black community, but also it’s happening now in the white community as well, is because women are more economically self-sufficient."

The Trump White House is reportedly reviewing these statements as some GOP senators are publicly hedging on whether they would back him in a Senate confirmation bid. Another Trump nominee for the Federal Reserve Board, former pizza mogul Herman Cain, recently withdrew his name from consideration amid questions about his past sexual behavior toward women.