Seth Meyers flattens the 'dumbest' Republicans in Congress for humiliating themselves by sucking up to Trump
GOP Debate Antics: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers. Photo: Video capture

On Wednesday, comedian Seth Meyers mocked Republicans for their "dumbest" attempts to defend President Donald Trump.

Meyers explained the importance of having "aggressive oversight" after Attorney General Bill Barr suggested that Trump's campaign was spied on during his Congressional hearing.

"This is why we need aggressive oversight on Trump's administration. Whether it's on the Mueller report or his tax returns. Yet, Republicans are doing the opposite they are protecting him."

Meyers then played a clip a Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) calling Richard Neal, Chairman of the House Ways Committee "dumb" for requesting Trump's tax returns.

"It doesn't suck to be that dumb, it sucks for your boss to be that dumb. That's the guy you answer to. Think about where your life is at. You are a United States senator and you take marching orders from a guy who once got on Air Force 1 with toilet paper on his shoes," Meyers said.

"Republicans in Congress keep trying to Defend Trump from Democrats but their efforts keep falling flat," he joked.

He then played a clip of Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) questioning Secretary of State John Kerry's degree.

“How do you get a bachelor of arts in a science?” Massie asked. “OK, so it’s not really science. So I think it’s somewhat appropriate that someone with a pseudoscience degree is here pushing pseudoscience in front of our committee today.”

Meyers called it, "One of the dumbest lines of questioning in American politics."

Watch below: