Trump's foreign policy shows that 'Russia has leverage over him': Ex-CIA official
President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet in Helsinki (Screen cap).

MSNBC's Jeremy Bash said President Donald Trump's foreign policy showed clearly that Russia had "leverage" over him.

Bash, who served as chief of staff at both the Department of Defense and the CIA, disagreed with other "Morning Joe" panelists who said Trump's view on foreign policy was incoherent.

"I would say that the president actually is operating from a coherent perspective in that he totally pushes away intelligence, he doesn't listen to it, and in every instance you can go down the line, his foreign policy is one where Russia has leverage over him," Bash said. "It's kind of inexplicable."

Bash said Trump's positions on Syria, Venezuela, NATO, the G-7 and 2016 election interference favor Vladimir Putin's interests.

"That's a pretty coherent worldview, and it's totally at odds with what the U.S. intelligence community believes," Bash said.