Trump reelection launch is being overshadowed with a flood of really bad news: Washington Post reporter
HERSHEY, PA - DECEMBER 15, 2016: President-Elect Donald Trump speaks of his relief to have won the state of Texas on Election night during his speech at the "Thank You Tour" rally at the Giant Center (Shutterstock).

Washington Post reporter Phil Rucker couldn't help but note that the launch of President Donald Trump's 2020 reelection campaign is being drowned out by a flood of bad news.

In an MSNBC panel Monday, the group discussed the recent leak of internal poll numbers that show the president losing in a number of states to the top seven Democrats running.

During an interview aired at "20/20" Sunday, Trump told host George Stephanopoulos that the polls don't exist that show him "down." But MSNBC's White House correspondent noted that the poll numbers clearly had an impact on the president because the places he's traveled in the last month match the same places where he's losing to Democrats.

"Well, he should be concerned where he stands," said Rucker. "These are not good numbers for him, by any measure. We should keep in mind we have very little visibility into the full extent of this poll."

"Now, this has been an ongoing story for several days," he continued. "It really overshadows the launch, the official kickoff of the president’s re-election campaign. He wants to show strength in Orlando. He has been touting the big crowd that will be there. But yet, these headlines are so damaging. During that interview with George Stephanopoulos, he is denying the polls exist. Even though it does exist. The data has been reported in the media and confirmed by the campaign."

Rucker went on to say that in TrumpWorld, when polls are bad they're false, but when they're good, they're accurate.

Watch the full discussion below: