Conservative offers the perfect explanation for why Trump is 'tanking' in devastating new Fox News poll
Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump take a photograph together as they wait inside the Tampa Convention Center before a town hall meeting on March 14, 2016 in Tampa , Florida (AFP Photo/Brian Blanco)

During an MSNBC panel, discussion on a new Fox News poll showing Donald Trump is lagging far behind a handful of the Democratic presidential front-runners, conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin suggested the president take a hard look at his declining numbers because the devil is in the details.

Earlier on MSNBC, fellow Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson looked at the same numbers and flatly stated, "This looks like a campaign going down the tubes right now."

Rubin concurred and claimed that the White House is currently on edge and has no idea how to stop the slide.

"I think they're quite worried, at least the people who know what's going on but they dare not to do anything about it, they say, because they're afraid these plans would leak," she explained. "So they're doing absolutely nothing, which gives you a sense of the circular convoluted thinking that goes on."

After saying the biggest threat to Trump's re-election chances is the struggling economy and threat of recession, Rubin advised viewers to take a hard look at the Fox News poll.

"I encourage all your, viewers whenever you look at these polls," Rubin suggested. "Look at the votes of white women, suburban women, college-educated women -- Trump is tanking with all of those groups."

"And though it's not a totality of the reasons, one of the reasons is what we just saw, women hate this meanness, this bullying, this super macho routine and he is personally offending and turn off American women," she elaborated. "It's not the white male, non-college-educated voter Democrats have to scoop up, it's all of these women primarily in the suburbs just like they did in 2018 when they swept to a majority in the House."

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