'His ego can't stand that we know he lied': Internet ridicules Trump for trying to avoid humiliation with Sharpie map
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

The internet again questioned the sanity and mental health of President Donald Trump for drawing his own hurricane projection map to justify his misidentification about Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama.

Trump's lies generally don't put people's lives in danger, but in the case of the hurricane, Trump's confusion about which states were in the path could have created a problem. The National Weather Service quickly issued a correction, but Trump still doubled down on his mistake, trying to claim he was giving the correct information at the time.

Unfortunately, the information Trump was tweeting wasn't updated either, despite Trump's claim he was getting hourly briefings on the storm.

It prompted a shocked and furious internet to respond with their own comments.

You can see the best below: