John Bolton’s White House departure devolves into a bizarre public battle over whether he was fired or resigned
John Bolton appears on CNN (screen grab)

John Bolton is pushing back hard against President Donald Trump and his former White House colleagues over his departure as national security adviser.

The president abruptly tweeted out the announcement Tuesday that he had asked for his national security adviser's resignation, but Bolton quickly responded by saying he had offered to resign the previous evening -- but Trump asked him to wait and discuss it the next day.

Bolton then texted Fox News host Brian Kilmeade during a live broadcast to dispute the president's account.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham disagreed with Bolton's account, texting The Daily Beast to confirm Trump's version of events.

“Last night, Potus said he wanted Bolton’s resignation on his desk tomorrow AM," Grisham texted. "Bolton delivered it. Simply put, many of Bolton’s policy priorities did not align w POTUS."

Bolton then pushed back against Grisham, saying her statement was "flatly incorrect."