MSNBC's Morning Joe breaks down 'shocking' revelations against Barr: 'Attorney general looks like he's part of the Ukraine conspiracy'
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough thought he'd lost the capacity to be shocked by President Donald Trump, but then he read the summary of his call to the Ukrainian president.

The "Morning Joe" host was flabbergasted that Trump asked president Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt against Joe Biden and his son, but he couldn't get over the fact that he offered up his attorney general, William Barr, as part of the conspiracy.

"It's shocking," Scarborough said. "You think after all of this time we would all be incapable of being shocked and, yet, Donald Trump says talk to my attorney general. Talk to Attorney General William Barr, talk to my attorney general about digging up dirt on a domestic political rival while I'm holding up defensive weapons that are actually probably the only thing that would stop Vladimir Putin from going all the way to Kiev if he chose to."

As bad as that was, Scarborough said, the attorney general's subsequent actions were even more scandalous.

"You know what's worse?" he said. "That William Barr gets this from the (director of national intelligence), and what does he say? He doesn't say what every self-respecting lawyer that I've ever known would say, this looks like the president of the United States is trying to put me in a conspiracy to work with a foreign power to smear one of your domestic political opponents, I better recuse myself right now."

"In fact," Scarborough added, "I better wash my hands like Pontius Pilate and run out of the building with my hair on fire. He doesn't do that. Instead, he kills the complaint and says nothing to see here."

Barr's actions take the Ukraine scandal to an entirely different place, he said.

"Rudy Giuliani may remind us of a crazy uncle, (but) when you get the attorney general involved and then the attorney general looks like he's part of the conspiracy and then he says there's nothing to see here, move along, move along, suddenly this entire crisis is taken to a new level," Scarborough said.