Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons yet again.

On Thursday night, he made yet another calamitous cable news appearance in which he potentially implicated the State Department in his efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on President Donald Trump's political rivals.

During the appearance, he held up his phone and showed text messages that he'd received from State Department official Kurt Volker that showed him helping to arrange a meeting between Giuliani and Ukrainian officials.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman speculates that Giuliani is doing this because he fears he's in jeopardy and wants to implicate others who helped him solicit Ukraine's assistance in the coming 2020 election.

"[Fox News host Laura Ingraham] repeatedly didn’t air this text despite Giuliani asking her to," Haberman writes on Twitter. "But Giuliani is finding himself to some extent in same place that Cohen did -- needing to prove others knew what he was doing."