CNN's Avlon: The similarities between Trump and Nixon are getting ridiculous
CNN's John Avlon debunks lies told by President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

CNN's John Avlon on Wednesday demonstrated how President Donald Trump's strategy so far on handling an impeachment inquiry is highly reminiscent of what former President Richard Nixon did in the 1970s.

Avlon began by quoting Nixon's order for allies to "stonewall" Congress in their requests for documents and information -- and he said it's exactly what Trump is doing right now.

"Here we are again, with the Trump administration announcing a total stonewall strategy to openly defy congress and its constitutionally granted power to investigate the president," Avlon said. "This is getting ridiculous because Nixon's second article of impeachment tracks closely with what Trump is being accused of: Misusing the power of the presidency to investigate his political opponents. With this declaration of total obstruction, Trump is just begging for contempt of congress to be added."

Avlon then pivoted to the Trump Department of Justice on Tuesday arguing that it couldn't say whether the courts were right to force Nixon to hand over Watergate documents to Congress.

"The Trump administration is essentially defending Richard Nixon and Watergate and the idea that the president is above the law!" Avlon said.

Watch the video below.