Internet horrified by video showing Trump going on church shooting spree: 'Disgusting -- but not surprising'
Trump video screenshot

Response to a doctored video showing President Donald Trump going on a murderous shooting spree against his perceived enemies -- that was shown to his fans at a Trump hotel -- was overwhelmingly greeted on Twitter with horror and disgust late Sunday night.

The video that was widely shared online is based on a scene from the film “The Kingsman: The Secret Service,” and was shown at an event that featured Don Trump Jr. and former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

In the video, the face of the president was edited in and he is seen slaughtering characters with faces featuring logos for CNN, NPR and Black Lives Matter -- among others -- as they worshipped in the "Church of Fake News.”

Reaction was quick and condemnatory across the board.

You can see some comments below: