Lawrence O'Donnell thinks John Bolton wants to save his testimony for his book -- and won't comply with subpoena
US National Security Advisor John Bolton, pictured in Jerusalem in August 2018, described the International Criminal Court as 'outright dangerous'. (POOL/AFP/File / ABIR SULTAN)

MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell doesn't think John Bolton will want to testify because he just scored a lucrative book deal.

Bolton was named by the House Committees Wednesday as being a witness they're calling to give a deposition Nov. 7, but Bolton's attorney said if the House wants to talk to him, they'll need a subpoena.

Bolton has made it clear he has a lot to say, but whether he'll testify remains unclear.

Bolton wasn't happy about what was going on with these Ukraine calls. At one point he was cited calling the exchange between Presidents Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky a "drug deal."

The New York Times reported weeks ago that Bolton seems to blame Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani for a significant part of the so-called "drug deal," labeling the former New York City mayor a "drug dealer."

"And the big reason John Bolton has for not wanting to [testify], the big discontent John Bolton has about testifying publicly is the financial incentive he has to say all of his most colorful and condemning stories about Donald Trump for his book, his big book which he is reportedly already working on," O'Donnell said during his Wednesday show. "And the value of that book increases as long as John Bolton can hold onto his Trump secrets, which also means that the value of that book declines if John Bolton is forced to reveal some of those secrets publicly in testimony to the impeachment inquiry and long before he can publish his book."

He concluded it is unlikely Bolton will show up, even if he is sent a subpoena.

Watch the commentary below: