Mike Pence credits president for 'ceasefire' solution to situation Trump created
Mike Pence announces five-day Turkey ceasefire (Photo: Screen capture)

Vice President Mike Pence delivered a five-day ceasefire with Turkey after President Donald Trump agreed to pull out American troops so Turkey could bomb the Kurdish people.

Thousands of people have been displaced, thousands have been killed or wounded as a result of Turkey's bombing campaign.

The United States was forced to bomb our own military base to prevent ISIS, Syria and Russian troops to have access to American military information and equipment. The Turkish bombing began so quickly that the American military couldn't conduct a withdrawal the proper way. American soldiers were also fired on so heavily that they almost fired back in self-defense.

The president tweeted a humble brag about the success of the five-day deal to a problem that he caused.

The "deal" that Pence managed to negotiate only gives a few days to withdraw American troops and Kurdish people. There are 21 million Kurds who live in Syria. Any Kurds left in the area Turkey says they govern will be killed after the five-day ceasefire.

Turkey released a statement saying that this is not a ceasefire.

The so-called deal was questioned by many online, wondering how five days was considered a ceasefire.

Watch Pence in the video below:

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