MSNBC panel mocks Trump sending in 'B-team' pundits 'not prepared for battle' on Sunday talkshows
Jim Jordan appears on ABC (screen grab)

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Republicans were terrified of going on news shows to defend President Donald Trump because they had no idea how to do it. Sunday that lack of confidence and information was out in full force as both Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) fell flat on their faces in the attempt.

"One thing we all need to remember," began former Hillary Clinton spokesperson Philippe Reines. "This notion that only that -- that the first whistleblower was not a first-hand witness to it and now the second whistleblower might be, what Donald Trump needs to realize is that every single one of us is now a first-hand witness to what happened. We are all seeing what Donald Trump said, because Donald Trump told us what he said."

He explained that it isn't an issue of seeing Trump with this isn't an issue where we are seeing a photo of him and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov standing in the Oval Office "laughing it up."

The White House actually released a statement confirming the notes of the transcript of his call to Ukraine.

"We are reacting to it, and it is absurd that they have, in any way, tried to push back on that," Reines continued. "What's funny to go to Hans Nichols' point, about 'they are prepared for battle,' they are not prepared for battle. If you look at who was on and you showed us the clip of Ron Johnson -- these guys don't know what to say. And look who wasn't on -- none of the usual suspects were on any Sunday show. They don't have their story straight. They are not prepared for what's to come."

Host Richard Lui agreed, saying that it was a "difficult two Sundays" to get someone from the White House. The Trump administration was already ridiculed online for seeming to be running in fear.

Watch the exchange below: