Trump EU ambassador's testimony was loaded with 'extra-damning' omissions: NYU Law professor
Gordon Sondland (Photo: Screen capture)

Ryan Goodman, a professor at New York University School of Law, believes that Trump-appointed European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland's prepared testimony before Congress featured several omissions of events that he believes will lead investigators to damaging evidence against President Donald Trump.

"What Sondland omits from [his] opening statement shows how extra-damning this is likely to get," Goodman writes on Twitter, who then goes on to document all of the major holes in Sondland's version of events.

First, writes Goodman, the New York Times back in May published a blockbuster story detailing Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's efforts to get Ukraine to launch an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden. Given how much exposure this story got, Sondland writes, Sondland "can't credibly claim not knowing" about it.

Goodman also finds that Sondland's prepared remarks omit that "Giuliani specifically tried to insert reference to Ukraine committing to investigate Burisma-Biden and 2016 probes in the draft statement by Ukraine authorities that Sondland, Volker, and Taylor were helping edit."

Additionally, Sondland's statement makes no mention of telling Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) that aid to Ukraine was being held up to ensure the Ukrainian government would comply with the president's desire that it launch certain "investigations" that we now know included the investigation of Hunter Biden.

Read Goodman's entire thread below.