Trump has surrounded himself with 'failsons' starting with 'dimwitted' Don Trump Jr. and Kushner: columnist
Eric Trump, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr (Composite / RawStory)

In a biting piece for the Daily Beast, acerbic columnist Molly Jong-Fast accuses Donald Trump of stocking his administrations with "failsons" -- which she described as "a son of wealth and privilege who is equal parts incompetence, stupidity, and arrogance" -- because in many ways they are a reflection of his own career.

Using reports of conservative groups making bulk purchase of Don Trump's Jr's book "Triggered" to boost it on the best sellers list, Jong-Fast pounced on the president's namesake to make her case.

"One is not born a failson. Nor does one simply inherit the status of failson. No—failson status is earned through a display of equal parts incompetence, stupidity, and arrogance. And until his book, no person in America—or maybe even the world, so bursting at the seams with louche heirs and dissolute royals with no throne to sit their pampered arses on—illustrated all the facets of a failson better than Junior," she wrote.

"The New York Times denotes such bulk sales with an asterisk to let readers know that the sales were not organic. Junior, never one to be deterred by facts, immediately declared that this was part of a larger Times conspiracy against him. 'I guess that’s their way of exerting a little bit of revenge by putting an asterisk without getting into the details,' he sniffed," she wrote before adding a sarcastic," Yes Junior, The New York Times bulk purchasing policy is actually a conspiracy against you, the president’s large adult failson."

Don Jr was not the only one to get the "failson" treatment with Jong-Fast casting a jaundiced eye at Jared Kushner, a "failson" who married into the family.

"Jared Kushner is the failson in chief, arguably worse than Junior. After crushing a newspaper and overpaying for the aptly named 666 Fifth Avenue, the failson-in-law decided to take a crack at governmenting. He was tasked with peace in the Middle East and also renegotiating NAFTA, handling the opioid crisis, modernizing the Veterans Administration, spearheading criminal justice reform, and WhatsApp messaging with Saudi Arabian failson Mohammed bin Salman," she explained. "But when those things proved too complicated for the young polymath, his father-in-law decided to refocus him on the important things, like why Matt Drudge was mad at him, tasking Ivanka’s husband to “look into it” and find out why Drudge has forsaken him. More recently, Jared was asked by his father-in-law to take another crack at building the wall."

Not to be forgotten, Jong-Fast also focused on Eric Trump.

"Not as notorious as his dimwitted siblings, Eric is the one of the Trump litter who seems the most interested in running the family’s mediocre hotel business. Though Eric always enjoys doing a segment on Fox News, where he dishes out really hot takes like his assessment that “Democrats weren’t even people.” Eric is also extremely bad at Twitter. On Thanksgiving Day, he tweeted a picture of a red hat emblazoned with the acronym LOPA for “Leave Our President Alone,” which caused the internet to erupt in mockery of the young Hapsburg," she wrote.

As to why Trump doesn't surround himself with competent aides and defenders, Jong_Fast points out that Trump himself is a "failson."

"The failson administration is headed by the most failsonish president ever. Donald Trump is the definition of a failson, an incompetent continually saved from himself by his wealthy father. He inherited nearly $500 million from his pop, all the while claiming he was completely self-made. After his father died, Trump found other patrons, and he now enjoys the largesse of the lobbyists, and various foreign rogues like Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange, who helped put him in the White House<'s he explained.

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