WATCH: Republican spokesperson gets schooled by a former federal prosecutor on Trump's Ukraine-gate
Ex-US Attorney John Flannery and RNC spokesperson Liz Harrington (Photo: Screen capture)

Normally relaxed MSNBC host Ari Melber put his foot down Friday evening when a Republican spokesperson tried to filibuster him with conspiracy theories that Ukraine hacked the 2016 election.

While Liz Harrington talked over Melber's attempt to ask questions, she ultimately forced him to shout, "Hold on! Let’s take turns."

"Is that foreign interference?" Harrington continued talking over the host.

"If you ever want to come back on this show, we have to take turns. Just rules of the road. You’re kind of doing a 'double Mulvaney,' you’re saying, 'Yes, this is part of it.' That’s what you needed from Ukraine."

"It had nothing to do with Biden," Harrington mistakenly said.

Trump's summary of the call quotes him specifically mentioning former Vice President Joe Biden in the call. Similarly, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been demanding Ukraine investigate the Biden family. Giuliani was then caught trying to get money from the same gas company he accused of corruption.

Former federal prosecutor John Flannery corrected Harrington by quoting the actual incomplete transcript, which specifically mentioned Biden.

"It's not Biden!" Harrington cut in, trying to talk over Flannery.

"Yes, it is," Flannery said.

"It's DNC server," Harrington tried to claim.

"Yes, it is!" Flannery shot back.

As a fact check, below you can see a screen capture of the key piece of the incomplete transcript below:

[caption id="attachment_1558681" align="aligncenter" width="471"] Donald Trump's incomplete Ukraine call summary (Screen capture from White House document)[/caption]

"You know, I guess you think you're on Fox News, right?" Flannery said. "You can't possibly wait until someone finishes talking your objective is to interfere with any truth that is said by anyone else but yourself. And what you said is not true. It's a lie."

Trump ranted to a friend this week that he should get credit for being smart enough to bribe Ukraine.

“[The president] mentioned he had seen it and then he started saying things like, ‘What are they talking about, if I wanted to do quid pro quo, I would’ve done the damn quid pro quo,’ and … then defended his intelligence and then talked about how ‘perfect’ the call [with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky] was,” said a source familiar with Trump’s reaction to a Wall Street Journal editorial saying he is too stupid to pull it off.

Watch the video below: