Fox Business producers mock reporter with 'womp-womp' sound effect after she corrects host on Home Alone 2 edit
Charles Payne and Kristina Partsinevelos (Fox Business)

Fox Business anchor Charles Payne jokingly suggested the Canadian Broadcast Corporation had cut out President Donald Trump's cameo in "Home Alone 2" for political reasons -- at least a year before he announced his first campaign.

The president complained that prime minister Justin Trudeau may have ordered the edit over their disagreements on trade and NATO, and Payne suggested the CBC suffered from "Trump derangement syndrome" before his election, reported The Daily Beast.

“So they had Trump derangement syndrome before everyone else?” Payne said, as he filled in as host on "Varney and Co."

Correspondent Kristina Partsinevelos, who had previously chided her colleagues on "Fox & Friends" for “fulfilling a stereotype" by blaming the edit on "Trump derangement syndrome," corrected Payne.

"That’s the narrative, (but) that’s unfortunately not the case,” Partsinevelos said. “This movie was a little too long. They chopped off eight minutes. This is seriously the case. I’m not trying to spin it or anything. This is the story here.”

Payne seemed unpersuaded, and as Partsinevelos spoke the show's producers played a "womp-womp" sound effect from "Saturday Night Live" skits featuring the character Debbie Downer.

"He's well known, 'The Apprentice' was popular in Canada," she added, as the producers again mocked her with the sound effect.

“The movie will never be the same again,” Payne said.

Partsinevelos spoke