World leaders mocked Trump because they're tired of his 'center of attention' act: MSNBC guest
Britain's Princess Anne talks to Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace. (POOL/AFP / Yui Mok)

During an MSNBC segment on President Donald Trump's abrupt departure from NATO talks in London after video was released of world leaders making fun of him, an MSNBC guest said those same leaders have become tired of his act.

Speaking with host David Gura, the LA Times Eli Stokols said international diplomats have realized there is no dealing with the president who is in his own world and just wants attention..

"Your colleague had a great line: 'This is a president who views norms like a teenager views curfews,'" Gura began.

"Well, he likes going to these things and blowing them up and being the center of attention," Stokols replied.

"Why didn't it happen this time in way it usually does?" Gura pressed.

"It's been three years of Donald Trump going to the summits," the reporter explained. "What Trudeau is talking about, he [Trump] holds a 40-minute press conference off the top of what's supposed to be a bilateral meeting and that leaves no time for an actual meeting because the only time the president is engaged is when the cameras are in the room."

"Your phone is dead by noon because he's talking so much you're typing and typing and so you can understand the frustration of the world leaders and what Trudeau was saying is something that all those guys he was talking to could identify with," Stoklos continued. "It tells you that, after three years, it's not just frustration with how Trump is or with his antics, it's the fact that this guy stands in the way of a lot of transatlantic cooperation and strengthening these alliances."

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