'A real conspiracy in pursuit of an illicit end': GOP commentator shocked by Parnas's newly-released evidence
Bill Kristol speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

Longtime conservative activist and Republican operative Bill Kristol was shocked after newly-released evidence suggested that Rudy Giuliani associates put a tail on Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Politico national security correspondent Natasha Bertrand said, "holy sh*t" upon seeing the new evidence.

"This certainly makes it sound like Parnas and co. were actively tracking Yovanovitch's movements. This could explain why Yovanovitch was moved out of Ukraine so quickly," she wrote on Twitter.

Kristol added his analysis.

"The removal of Yovanovitch was always a sign this was a real conspiracy in pursuit of an illicit end, not a case of mere haphazard, fitfully-expressed wishes of Trump," he explained.

"Yovanovitch stood in the way of effectuating the conspiracy. And she was removed at the direction of Trump," Kristol charged.