'I'm so confused': MSNBC's Joe Scarborough tries to untangle Rudy Giuliani's 'racketeering' rant
Joe Scarborough and Rudy Giuliani

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough tried -- and failed -- to make sense of Rudy Giuliani's claims about testifying in the Senate impeachment trial.

President Donald Trump's personal attorney told reporters at a New Year's Eve gala at Mar-A-Lago that he would be willing to testify at the trial, which he then vowed to turn into a prosecution for racketeering.

"I'm so confused," the "Morning Joe" host said. "Is he saying he's going to prosecute the president for racketeering? That's fascinating. I hope Democrats were taking notes there."

"So anyway, that was Rudy," he added. "I don't know what it means and neither do you, so let's not pretend we do. It's just entertaining to watch, I guess."